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Several of the online slots sites have announced that they are no longer accepting players from the United States. Included in this list are:

Pantasia, Mayan Fortune, Paradise8, DaVinci's Gold, Cocoa Casino, Golden Cherry and any other casino that uses Rival Gaming software in addition to Microgaming, Playtech, Cryptologic and other software providers.

Currently, the only online casinos that are available to US slots players are using Real Time Gaming, Betsoft, Top Game, Slotland, 21Gnet or Wager Gaming Technology software. You will find several examples of these throughout the site.
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Slot Machine Advice and Tips

Read the payout schedule

When you first go to a slot machine, you should look over the pay schedule carefully so that you know the maximum coins to bet, because some machines only payout when you do this.

Play the single pay line

Another good piece of advice for slots is to play the single pay line machines. These machines generally have higher payouts than the multi pay line machines.

Just remember when you are playing online slots: More options = Lower payouts on the reels and a lower payout percentage. If you like the bonus rounds and free spins, just remember that you are giving up something in order to receive those bonuses and extra features.

Play the maximum bet

Playing the maximum number of coins you can per spin is a smart idea. This is very important to remember on progressive slot machines because to win on most of these machines, you have to place a maximum bet. Even if you have the right symbols lined up, you could take home less if you just bet a small amount.

Double jackpots

Double jackpot symbols are a big score to land on because you will get double or sometimes triple the payout. These symbols can replace any symbol and can be red, white and blue sevens or double and triple diamonds.

Other things to keep in mind

Remember, always verify the value of symbols on each slot machine because sometimes, they could be worth different amounts on different machines.

Also check out the payback percentage, or the return on your bet. Machines with a payback percentage of over 75% are standard for most gaming establishments.

Quit while you’re ahead

Establish a spending limit for yourself and quit playing once you hit it. Just because you spend everything you’ve got on one machine does not mean you will necessarily win or guarantee a large payout. Stop while you’re ahead if you win. If you continue and try to win more, you will most likely lose all of your winnings and end up spending more money.

Slot Myths

  1. You will win more frequently if you pull the handle on the slot machine, instead of pushing the button. This is false. Pulling the handle and pushing the button are interpreted the same by the machine. The only difference is your arm won’t be as sore if you use the button.
  2. Playing one coin at a time increases your chances of hitting the jackpot. The odds of winning big in slots is always small, but playing the maximum number of coins can raise the payout percentage.
  3. If there is an advertisement for a 75% payback on a slot machine, I will earn back $75 for every $100 I play. These percentages are actually long-term numbers, which is the average income over quite a long period. When you are playing a slot machine, it could payout more or less than the percentage that is advertised.
  4. If you play the slot machines closest to the casino entrance, those machines have higher odds of paying out. This idea comes from the old way of people thinking that winning machines near the door will bring more people into the casino. This may have been true a long time ago before casinos were extremely popular, but this method is no longer necessary in today’s gambling age.
  5. Once a slot machine pays out, you should not play it again because you won’t hit the jackpot for a long time. The machines do not have memory, so the results generated are completely random and could even pay off in the next pull after a jackpot has been hit.
  6. Casino employees can change the odds on a slot machine, so avoid machines that are being worked on. Payoffs come pre-programmed by the manufacturer in a coded computer chip. It is virtually impossible for anyone to alter the odds because of this.

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