Latest Online Slots News
Several of the online slots sites have announced that they are no longer accepting players from the United States. Included in this list are:

Pantasia, Mayan Fortune, Paradise8, DaVinci's Gold, Cocoa Casino, Golden Cherry and any other casino that uses Rival Gaming software in addition to Microgaming, Playtech, Cryptologic and other software providers.

Currently, the only online casinos that are available to US slots players are using Real Time Gaming, Betsoft, Top Game, Slotland, 21Gnet or Wager Gaming Technology software. You will find several examples of these throughout the site.
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Playing the Slots

There is very little a player can do to influence the outcome of Slots play. Therefore, rather than buy an expensive book on mathematical probabilities, or about new and advanced Slot machine strategies, the player is better served by following some do’s and don’ts on how to limit losses and control winnings.

Consider the Location

The first step the player should take upon entering the casino is to carefully review the location of the many slot machines, and to make his selection on the basis of the best and worst locations outlined earlier. If a player cannot find what he likes, or does not care for the leg work involved in a search, he can just ask an employee, in the area of the Slots, as to which machine is the best to play. Casino employees are among the most observant and astute individuals the player will find in a casino. Many rely on tips as a means of supplementing their income.

Select the Hot Machine

The looseness of a machine will have a lot to do with its location. Casinos normally place some of their loose machines in strategic locations strictly to attract the attention of new visitors. Some machines are set to pay better than others do. At the same time, the player should be aware that the casino can change the settings overnight, and, therefore, should not expect a hot machine to payout the same way every day.

Read the Payout Tables

Next, the player should ensure he understands the rules of play, and the payouts relating to the operation of his machine before he bets a single coin.

Not all types of machine will function in the same way. The player should develop the habit of reading the payout table and all other details on the front of the machine prior to playing. This is particularly important when sizing up the pay-for-play machines. For example, the pay-for-play Slots are usually three coin machines, where the first coin will pay only on limited symbols, the second coin on the next set of symbols, and the third coin on any win. A big jackpot always depends on the play of the third coin.

Stick With the Winner

When a machine is hot and paying off the player should stick with it. This may sound rather unscientific and somewhat superstitious, however, it is probably the most commonly held and time proven slot strategy, i.e., where the payouts are proven time and time again. The player who believes he has a winner should play it for all its worth. A hot machine generally means the player has found a machine with a high average payback, or is loose, or even in the loose part of its pay cycle.

As long as he keeps winning, it would be a major mistake to switch to some other machine that is, as yet, unproductive. If the hot slot machine begins to cool down, the player should set himself a limit on acceptable losses that will still enable him to leave the machine a winner. For example, if he is up about $200.00, when his machine begins to cool down, he might set a loss of $50.00 as acceptable, after which he can flee the scene.

Dump the Cool Slots

If the player is not winning he should dump his machine and move on. He can scan those machines nearby and try to identify a hot, or hotter one. Players often pretend to be playing while studying a hot machine in the same aisle, and are quick to pounce on one that becomes available. Such a move often works out well, because if a machine appears to be hot, that is usually the case. Two identical looking machines in the same aisle can be set to different average paybacks. If the player is not winning on one, he should try the other.

Set a Limit on Losses

Just because he has been loading his machine with piles of coins, the player should never assume that his machine is due to pay off the big jackpot, and that he, thereby, will get all of his money back. The random number generator in the machine’s computer re-calculates the winning combinations for every spin of the reels. The trend of payouts may not change at all. Feeding the Slots, therefore, is a poor strategy. The better approach is to set a loss limit, before play begins, and stick to the decision.

Avoid Those Cold Machines

The player should avoid forming any kind of an attachment with any electromechanical device, especially a slot machine, even if it is his favorite, or has granted him the odd big jackpot in previous play. A hot machine of yesterday could well be chilly today. The player should keep in mind all of those busy casino attendants, whose job it is to adjust the percentage average paybacks on all of the Slots.

Play to the Max

The player should recognize that the biggest rewards offered by most slot machines are only possible when he plays the maximum number of coins. For example, a bonus multiplier machine may pay a jackpot of 1,000 coins for one played, 2000 coins for two, but 5000 coins when the maximum three coins are played.

If the player doesn’t feel comfortable playing the maximum number of coins, he should seek a machine that accepts coins of lower denominations so he can still play the maximum. For example, instead of playing one coin at a dollar machine, he would play the maximum number of coins at a quarter machine.

The player also should keep in mind, when playing a progressive type slot machine, that he will have to bet the maximum number of coins to be eligible to win the big jackpot offered.

Dance with the Big Machines

A recent statistical survey clearly indicates that, over a specific time frame, the player will garner richer returns by playing the higher denomination machines, than by playing those offering lower values. According to the survey, the average payback tends to increase progressively with the amount of play on the higher denomination machines. The only drawbacks appear to be the level of emotional control and financial endurance of the player.

Select the Best Progressives

Slot machine carousels can have large variations with respect to the amount of cash available in their respective progressive jackpot. The player should always seek the best possible progressive Slots opportunities, and play only those that display the highest payout.

Never Abandon a Jackpot

The player should never, for any reason, leave a machine that has just paid off a jackpot, or has its top light flashing, until he has received his total winnings. At the same time, he should not insert more coins into his machine, leave to find a Slots attendant, or permit anyone else to touch his machine.

There are several circumstances when the player may have to wait some time to receive all of his winnings. These can be anxious moments that seem interminably long. For example, the jackpot may be so large that the machine runs out of coins before it has finished paying off. A Slots attendant will arrive in due course with the remainder of such a win.

Likewise, in the case where the machine can pay only partial jackpots, the player may have to wait for the attendant to pay the complete jackpot. The player has to remain cool, and bear in mind that, if he gets up, someone else may occupy his seat, and make claim to the jackpot. If he inserts another coin, he may lose the evidence of his win.

Reserve the Machine

When nature calls, and the player does not want to give up his machine, he need only ask a Slots supervisor to hold his slot machine for a brief period. He should give the supervisor his expected time of return and get on with business, confident his machine will be there when he gets back. Most casinos provide this service.

Quit While Ahead

Most slot machine players find it difficult to quit while ahead. Most casinos bet on this tendency. The important thing for the player to remember is that although quitting is not easy, it pays dividends. The stark reality is that he is playing against a computer that is programmed to win. The player, therefore, should gauge the amount of time he spends on his machine and program himself to recognize when it is long enough. He could even adopt the approach of the hit and run player, i.e., he wins, he goes.

Do Not Replay Winnings

Years of experience seem to indicate that players do best whenever they resist the temptation to replay their winnings. The recommendation here is to set strict limits on the amount of money to be played and/or lost. When the limit is reached, the player should collect his winnings, if any, and head for the door. The only exception to this, of course, is that he should stay with a hot machine if he has one.

Take an Occasional Chance

Whenever a player is enjoying a streak of good luck on the Slots, he should consider taking the occasional chance on the larger denomination machines. If he happens to win on a $25.00 slot machine, for example, he should simply take the money and run. He should not replay or recycle any of his winnings.

Play Video Poker

The player, on average, will do better on the Video Poker machine than on other slot machines, as their percentage average payback is usually better than other slot machines.

Do Not Forget the Credits

On occasion, a player may neglect to check the number of credits owing on his machine, and leave without cashing them in. This represents a bonus to the next player. To avoid unnecessarily losing in this manner, the player should always press his cash-out button before leaving his machine.

Seek the Big Bonus

It is to the player’s advantage to seek and exploit attractive bonus offers where available.
Almost all of the online casinos offer some form of cash bonus to entice online gamblers to play. The bonuses vary from casino to casino, but some are very attractive, i.e., they can match up to 100 percent of the player’s cash deposit.

The bonuses offered online can protect the player, to a degree, from the fixed house advantage. In the shorter term, the bonus may even provide an advantage to the player. In the best case, a bonus may give the player a significant advantage. For example, in the short term, a 30 percent bonus cash match can offset a 3-8 percent house advantage.

Shop for the Comps

The term, comps, refers to the complimentary incentives many casinos offer some players to encourage their patronage. Comps can include, among other things, free accommodation, free meals, free drinks, free show tickets, a roll of quarters, and even free transportation. The player who enjoys winning will earnestly shop around for such comps, and use them. Doing so will free up more of his bankroll for playing the Slots.

Some casinos now offer players the ability to earn comp credits by registering as a house club player, and by using a free plastic house card to play the slots. The card records each coin the player inserts into the machine, for which he earns credits towards a comp or two. The wise player will treat the comps strictly as a bonus, and never gamble to merely increase his comp credits.

Playing the Game Responsibly

All of us want you to have the time of your life, each and every time you visit our gaming world. When you leave our site at the end of the day, we want you to feel positive, rewarded, exhilarated, and well entertained, not unlike stepping off an exciting roller coaster ride. We would like it that way, because we designed it that way. We want you to fully enjoy your online gaming experience.

At the same time, we know you lead a full life of significant importance to you, and that it is away from the gaming world. To assist you to consistently win on both sides of the gaming tables, we would, therefore, like to offer you the following:

Responsible Gaming Guidelines:

Ensure that your decision to take on the games is your personal choice.
Establish fixed limits for your purchases, wagers and losses before you begin a game.

Never gamble if:

You are younger than the legal gaming age.
It interferes with your daily responsibilities.
You are in recovery for any drug or alcohol dependency.
You are under the influence of alcohol, or any other substance.
You are attempting to make up prior losses.
Your primary aim is to recoup debt with your winnings.