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Several of the online slots sites have announced that they are no longer accepting players from the United States. Included in this list are:

Pantasia, Mayan Fortune, Paradise8, DaVinci's Gold, Cocoa Casino, Golden Cherry and any other casino that uses Rival Gaming software in addition to Microgaming, Playtech, Cryptologic and other software providers.

Currently, the only online casinos that are available to US slots players are using Real Time Gaming, Betsoft, Top Game, Slotland, 21Gnet or Wager Gaming Technology software. You will find several examples of these throughout the site.
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What are Progressive Slots?

Are you having a hard time trying to keep the different types of Slot Machines apart from one another? An easy way of knowing the difference is well, knowing more about the types of Slot Machines in and of themselves. So, in this article we will learn about the style of Slot Machines called the Progressive Slots.

Progressive Slot Machines play the same way that normal standard slots usually play, but they do have one difference from the standard slots. That difference is that the Progressive Slots keep a lot of the players coming back to them.

Usually the Progressive Slot Machines you are playing on are linked with several other Progressive Slot machines across the casino. Sometimes even the ones that are connected in that casino can even be connected across to a lot of casinos.

I believe that they are run by the same company, or owner or that would become rather difficult, but sometimes they are connected across several casinos.

How Progressive Slots Work

When someone bets or plays on one of these machines, a small percentage of that bet that you or the player made is added to a Progressive Jackpot total that is now available across every machine that is connected, the Progressive Slots.

The way to win the Progressive Jackpot is to spin up the right combination on your machine.

But please be warned, you aren’t the only one who is trying to win that Progressive Jackpot. Everyone contributes to the Progressive Jackpot if they are playing on the Progressive style slots.

The thing about this game is that it is a very communal game, which is good because now you can communicate, and maybe become friends with the people around you, laughing and having fun. Plus, lots of people love to play to see everyone have a good time, and win the Jackpots.

Online Progressive Slots

There are several online casinos that offer progressive slots to their players. Some of the jackpots on these virtual slot machines are worth over $1 Million. The slots that these are played on are always the 5 reel video slot machines.

There are two basic ways that I have seen that you can win these progressive jackpots. The first is the most common.

Most progressive jackpot slot machines have a jackpot icon. For the top online slots, the machines will usually have 64 virtual stops on the reel. Only 1 of these 64 stops is a jackpot icon. In order to win the jackpot, you must line up all 5 jackpot icons on a payline.

The other method I’ve seen for winning an online progressive jackpot is through the use of a bonus game. There is a popular Net Entertainment progressive slot in European online casinos called Mega Fortune. In order to win this progressive jackpot, you must win it through the Mega Fortune bonus game. You have to click to stop a spinning wheel and if the arrows all line up towards the center, you win.

Random Progressive Jackpots

There are also random Progressive Jackpots which are won at the conclusion of any game. The Jackpot is triggered at random, and is paid out no matter what denomination was paid.

Random Progressive Jackpots are added to your other wins. So you make more of a progress in your winnings that way.

I would not play this game if you are really into wanting to win that Jackpot, because you just might get aggravated and mad if you keep seeing people win that Jackpot. Especially if they had just started playing at the Progressive Slots a while after you.

But you can’t help that fact because all the sequences that pull up on your screen come from the RNG, Random Number Generator computer chip that is in your Progressive Slot Machine.

So, there is no need to get frustrated if you start losing, it isn’t your fault it isn’t there fault that they won. It’s just your Progressive Slot machine that didn’t pull up the right combination for you.

So, by now you know a little bit more about the Progressive Slots to know whether or not you would like to play this slot machine at your local casino, or just pass if up to play another one of the great slot machines that are available at the casino that you go to.

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