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Several of the online slots sites have announced that they are no longer accepting players from the United States. Included in this list are:

Pantasia, Mayan Fortune, Paradise8, DaVinci's Gold, Cocoa Casino, Golden Cherry and any other casino that uses Rival Gaming software in addition to Microgaming, Playtech, Cryptologic and other software providers.

Currently, the only online casinos that are available to US slots players are using Real Time Gaming, Betsoft, Top Game, Slotland, 21Gnet or Wager Gaming Technology software. You will find several examples of these throughout the site.
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How to Bet on Slots

The Theory of Regression in Slots

I want you to understand how powerful the Theory of Regression is, so before you either condone or condemn the method, get to understand what it is all about.

First of all, you must bet higher than the minimum so you have room to Regress. If you’re at a $5 table, then your first bet must be either $10, $9, $8, $7, or $6. It gives you room to go down and lock up a profit.

We’ll say $7 is your first bet. If you win that $7 bet, do the following:

  1. Take back original $7 wager
  2. Take back $2 profit, leaving $5 as your next bet
  3. Even if you lose that $5 bet, you have a $2 profit for that Series with another $7
  4. Suppose you win that first $7 bet, regress to a $5 bet. You win gain.
  5. Take back a profit, any profit and continue betting. Take back a $2 profit. That leaves you $8 as your next bet
  6. If you lose, Series is over and another Series starts with a $7 bet
  7. However, if you won at the $8 bet, Series is still have you’re into “Up and Pull”
  8. Dealer pays you $8. Go up to $10 and pull back $6. Or go up to $11 and pull back $5. Or go up to $12 and pull back $4. But pull back something. I don’t give a rat’s tail how much, just as long as you pay yourself

See how simple and rewarding it is? You’re upping your bets and grabbing a profit after every win. A loss wraps up that Series and you start over.

The whole key was in the move you made after the first win. You went down! You Regressed, locked up a profit and put yourself in a plus position. Every subsequent win gives you a few dollars more.

I ain’t gonna belabor the method as it applies to Blackjack or Craps or Roulette but you get the idea. If you wanna go deeper into the application of the Regression at the table games, go look at the tapes and book.

I wanna show you how to apply the Regression to the Slots.

Lock Up A Profit

Now you know what the Theory of the Regression is: Regress your bet after the first win, lock up a profit and then go to Up and Pull.

What you wanna know now is how the Regression System can be applied to Slots. Good question, glad you asked. Actually, the Regression was designed to be used at even money payoffs such as Blackjack, outside bets of Roulette, Baccarat, Baseball, Basketball, Football, and to the place numbers in Craps.

In Slots there are multiple-coin payoffs such as 3 coins for two Cherries, 10 coins for any three Bars, and 14 coins for three Oranges, etc.

But the Theory is so powerful that it is possible to apply it to the Slots. You can use it at either the three- or five-coin machines but the five are better.

Break your Bankroll into Sessions and go to a machine. Yeah, you gotta set Win Goals, Loss Limits and Naked Pulls so don’t even ask.

If you go to this system of the Regression, your first bet has to be higher than the minimum, even though it’s not an even money payoff.

Your first bet is two coins. If you lose, two coins, if you lose, two coins. If you win, take your payoff or let the credits accumulate, whichever you choose, but instead of again betting two coins, or moving to three, your next bet regresses to 1 coin. If you lose, the Series is over and you return to a new Series and bet 2 coins.

Suppose you won at the two-coin insertion and dropped to one coin and won again. You’re in a Series and the Up and Pull Theory now takes hold. As long as you keep winning, please keep increasing until you reach maximum coins and stay at max.

Whenever a loss occurs, the Series is over and you begin again, using two coins as your start, regressing to one after a win and going up in your bets as you continue to win.

Lay out your Series beforehand, pick a system and stick to it. Your Loss Limits will protect you, but not if you’re a crazy bettor.

Try the Regression System, starting with 2 coins. If you win, regress down to 1, then 2, then 3, then 4, and then stay at 5 as long as you keep winning. A loss signals the start of a new Series.

The next article goes into offshoots but that’s only to give you different sets of Series. This one gives you a basic approach, and what’s so bad about putting in 2 coins, winning 10 and cutting back to 1?

Notice how this system goes down after a win and some of the others go up after a win. It’s all in the Theory you believe in and the method you feel most comfortable with.

Just remember:

  1. The Regression starts higher than the minimum coins required
  2. After the first win, you regress to the minimum bet
  3. As you win, you go up one betting level at a time (2-3-4-5 coins)
  4. As soon as a loss occurs, go back to first bet of the Series and start over

Don’t stop here, the Regression carries over, so don’t lose the drift.

Keep Playing Conservative

The whole basis of the Regression System is to bet higher than the minimum and then regress down to the table minimum after a win.

But you can carry that Theory too far. My reason for using it is to keep people playing conservative so they don’t get whacked in the casinos.

My friend Guy S. Weiss is a wise guy. He likes to bust my chops by taking my conservative approach and turning it into a barn burner. He tells me he’ll use the Regression, then makes $100 his first bet and his regression move down to $50 after a win, Guy S. Weiss is not as wise as he thinks.

His Bankroll is usually $200, he bets like his chips were grenades ready to go off in his pockets and he loses more often than he wins because he won’t quit when he’s ahead.

He knows his aggressive style turns me off so he does it just to be a wise guy. His mother had 7 Weiss guys, but this jerk is the only one who ain’t so smart, if you catch my drift.

One time I asked him: “If you bet $100 and after a win, dive down to $50, what is your potential winning margin?”

Immediately he answers “Fifty dollars, cause if I lose the $50 bet, I still have a $50 profit.”

He smirks at me with that “I know it all” cockiness! So I ask him another question: “What is your potential loss?” Again, he spits out $100. Again he’s right. He could lose $100 but if he wins that first hand, he has a guaranteed $50 socked away.

So I say to him: “Hey, Weiss guy, why risk $100 as your first bet and then go down to $50? Sure, you have a locked up-profit of $50 but a possible loss of $100. Why don’t you start with a $55 bet and if you win, regress down to a $5 bet.

This way you have a potential profit of $50 for a win. However, with my way you can only lose $55, and yours, you can lose $100.”

Guy S. Weiss looked at me, unable to answer, because there was no answer this guy could give. Why bet so high for the same possible profit margin? It’s better if you bet lower but keep the spread the same. Cuts down the amount of the possible first loss.

In Slots you don’t get single-coin payoffs, as the returns tend to be greater because of the multiple coin kickoff.
But since there is a multiple-coin kickoff, you’re getting a decent payoff for 2 coins, so why put the extra risk on your shoulder by betting higher amounts?

If you like the Regression and wanna get a little more aggressive than a 2-1-3-4-5 betting Series, let’s look at a start with 3 coins:

a) 3-2-3-4-5
b) 3-1-2-3-4-5
c) 3-1-1-2-2-3-3
d) 3-2-1-1-2-3-4-5
e) 3-2-2-3-3-4-4-5-5
f) 3-1-2-1-3-1-4-1-5
g) 3-1-2-2-3-3-3-4-4-4-4
h) 3-1-1-3-3-5-5
i) 3-2-2-3-3-4-4-5-5

Those are just a few examples, starting with a 3-coin insertion and applying the Regression Theory. You can come up with a variation of a 3-coin start. But just remember to preset your Series and don’t deviate from it until you wrap up that Session.